Going barefoot is legal

Is going barefoot legal? At home, who cares, right? But what about out in public? Many people wonder, and are frequently given the wrong answer.

Unfortunately in this day and age, especially in the US and a few other countries, some people still believe that going barefoot in public is illegal, especially being barefoot in establishments like stores, restaurants, etc.

Barefooters often get kicked out and told that they need to put on shoes or at the very least people stare at them like their from a different planet or even mentally unstable. This can be unnerving to newbie barefooters. Some are afraid to even try. Many people also believe that driving barefoot is illegal.

Well, the good news is, none of that is true. Feet, just like hands, are not private parts, so its ok to expose them. Nobody requires you to wear gloves, right?

Problem is, beliefs are hard to change, especially if they have been around for decades. But with the internet today its easier than ever to share knowledge …

Going Barefoot in Class Benefits Students

Hey everyone, how's it going? This is gonna be a short post.

I was just checking out what's going on in the barefooting world, and I came across an article titled "Students to go barefoot in class as experts highlight benefits of 'shoeless' learning."

I thought that sounded really cool as I'm a strong advocate of going barefoot. So I decided to read the article. It's about a research that was initially conducted by the students themselves. It cites the benefits of going barefoot in class for primary school students such as helping them learn better and even improving their behavior, and now the school (a primary school in London) is starting to implement "shoeless lessons."

Fantastic, right? Well, there's just one big problem. At least with what's shown on the page. In the pictures the students are NOT actually barefoot. They're wearing socks! Ugh! Wearing socks is not the same as going barefoot. Just like when you're wearing…

Lost in the Woods Barefoot

by Lynn WL

Author's note: In the spirit of Halloween, here's a little spooky treat for ya!

I'm a free spirit. Always have been. When I was a kid I often got in trouble for wandering away from whoever was looking after me, and taking my shoes off at every chance I got and running around barefoot.

One day when I was in 4th grade we went on a field trip to a botanical garden located in a beautiful area just outside the forest. It was about 5 pm when we left to go back to town. A few minutes after we started, our bus had engine trouble. We were still in a tourist area, so the driver pulled over to a parking lot where many tourist buses were parked and called for a replacement bus.

It was going to take a while for the replacement bus to arrive, so the teachers let the kids off the bus to play outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery, but they told us not to go too far from the bus, and to stay with the group. One of them even told me specifically with a stern voice, "…

A Barefoot Girl in the Storm

by Lynn WL

Author's note: This is a short story that I originally posted on Reddit. I have rewritten it in the first person.

It was a dark and stormy night, and it was still raining the following day into the afternoon.

I had just finished eating lunch and was sitting cross-legged on the couch watching TV. Schools were closed as many of the roads and buildings were flooded. It was a week before Halloween, my favorite holiday. Normally, it would be an exciting time, but today I was getting a little bored and kind of tired of the rain.

I actually loved the rain, especially dark and stormy nights. I would curl up in bed under the covers and read a ghost story book, and that's exactly what I did the night before. I loved being scared. Well, not too much, though. After all, I was only 9. But this weather had been a little too much even for me. I wished the sun had been out so I could go play outside with my friends again.

I looked at my soles. They were quite dirty from playing…

Barefoot Girl's Adventure (Traveling Barefoot Part 2)

by Sharleen W.L.

This is part 2 of Traveling Barefoot. If you haven't read part 1 yet, you can find the link at the bottom of this post.

We landed bright and early (around 8 am) at the Houston Bush airport. I was a little sleepy but very excited about the vacation.

We had plenty of time before boarding our connecting flight to Orlando, and as we were walking in the terminal we saw a nice restaurant and dad decided to go in for breakfast. But he said to me, "We'll see if they'll let you in barefoot. If not, we'll just go to the food court and grab some fast food." I just smiled knowing that they would let me in. Yes, I believe is magic :)

We were seated and served without any problem. As I was eating my nose was running again, and I kept sniffling. Mom finally told me to blow it. I was going to use the cloth napkin but she scolded me saying it was improper (I had done this before but she just never noticed, lol), and told me to go to the bathroom. Some of the …

Traveling Barefoot

by Sharleen W.L.

The following took place a few years ago.

It was early summer and we just celebrated my 10th birthday, but mom and dad still had a big surprise for me. They were going to take me to Disney World as a birthday present! Not the whole family was going, though. Tania was off to summer camp, and our oldest brother and sister had other plans. So it was going to be dad, mom, my little brother Kevin, and me.

Needless to say, I was really excited and so was Kevin as he would get to spend an entire week with his favorite sister*.

I had been a barefooter for almost a year, and had previously traveled completely barefoot**. But that was within Hawaii. This time it was a little different as we were going to the mainland (that's what we Hawaiians call the Continental US) which is not quite as barefoot friendly as Hawaii. So I asked dad if I could travel barefoot again this time.

He said I could probably fly barefoot but I should bring footware along since I would need them espe…

A Barefoot Nightmare - Those With No Shoes Please...

by Sharleen W.L.

I just finish eating lunch in the cafetaria with 2 of my friends, and were heading to our first afternoon class. I'm barefoot as usual. One of my friends is wearing shoes and the other flip flops. It really feels great walking around campus in bare feet.

As we get to the building, both my friends head towards the restroom and tell me they'll see me in class since I don't need to go.

So I climb up the stairs to the 3rd floor where our classroom is. The floors in that building are really grimy but it feels good on my bare soles.

There are already quite a few students in the classroom. This is a discussion class, so there are tables with a few chairs around each. I spot a table with no one sitting at it yet which is perfect as my friends and I can sit together.

There's a nerdy looking guy sitting at the next table busy with his phone. As I sit down he looks at my bare feet but doesn't say anything. He then makes a call and starts talking on the phone.